Hoy me apetece compartir con vosotros/as algunas de las cuentas de Instagram que más me inspiran diariamente.

I would like to share with us some of the best Instagram accounts for daily inspiration.





¿Parte 2?

Part 2?


  • Secret words are said to start a war.
  • While the summer is killed by the fall.
  • Your love will be the death of me.
  • Sketching rain from afar.
  • A one-way ticket to endless sorrow.
  • Every time we touch we get closer to heaven, and at every sunrise our sins are forgiven.
  • We are so young, our lives have just begun.
  • Love is insane and, baby, we are too.
  • Waiting for the wounds of that tender storm.
  • There’s no smile of an angel without the wrath of god.
  • You smiled like an angel (falling from grace).
  • She was the sun shining upon the tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail.
  • He was the moon painting you with it’s glow so vulnerable and pale.
  • She was the wind, carrying in all the troubles and fears you’ve for years tried to forget.
  • He was the fire, restless and wild and you were like a moth to that flame.
  • There’s a flame that leads all souls astray.
  • With every step I take, the less I know myself.
  • I adore the despair in your eyes.
  • The fire in her eyes grew dim and then died, as the poison inside reached her heart.
  • Don’t run away, I can’t live without you. Please stay, and I’ll learn to love you right.
  • One smile and I’m ready to die.
  • Her body’s on fire.
  • I dream of the winter in my heart turning to spring.
  • The devil inside is reading the words of the saddest poem.
  • No love lost under her will.