Los cantantes son siempre una gran fuente de inspiración y no solo por su música, también por su ropa y estilo. Aquí algunos de los mejores conjuntos de mis artistas favoritos con los que inspirarse ¡Espero que os guste! ♡

Musicians are always a great source of inspiration, not only with their songs but with their clothes too. Here I show you some of the best outfits of my favorite music fashion icons to get inspired. Hope you like it!

MICHAEL JACKSON (military jackets, hats, blazers, belts)


LADY GAGA (fishnets, band t-shirts, denim, bustiers, platforms)


TAYLOR MOMSEN (platforms, leather jackets, tights, long t-shirts)


JARED LETO (leather jackets, flannels, muscle shirts)


MATTHEW HEALY (vintage shirts, demin jackets, leather jackets, ripped jeans)



  • Secret words are said to start a war.
  • While the summer is killed by the fall.
  • Your love will be the death of me.
  • Sketching rain from afar.
  • A one-way ticket to endless sorrow.
  • Every time we touch we get closer to heaven, and at every sunrise our sins are forgiven.
  • We are so young, our lives have just begun.
  • Love is insane and, baby, we are too.
  • Waiting for the wounds of that tender storm.
  • There’s no smile of an angel without the wrath of god.
  • You smiled like an angel (falling from grace).
  • She was the sun shining upon the tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail.
  • He was the moon painting you with it’s glow so vulnerable and pale.
  • She was the wind, carrying in all the troubles and fears you’ve for years tried to forget.
  • He was the fire, restless and wild and you were like a moth to that flame.
  • There’s a flame that leads all souls astray.
  • With every step I take, the less I know myself.
  • I adore the despair in your eyes.
  • The fire in her eyes grew dim and then died, as the poison inside reached her heart.
  • Don’t run away, I can’t live without you. Please stay, and I’ll learn to love you right.
  • One smile and I’m ready to die.
  • Her body’s on fire.
  • I dream of the winter in my heart turning to spring.
  • The devil inside is reading the words of the saddest poem.
  • No love lost under her will.