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Yay, summertime is finally here! And, of course, one of the best things to do is updating our closets with new summer trends. If you want to take advantage of Newchic discounts and best picks, don’t forget to read till the end!


Say yes to new shoes. Nothing better than a pair of lace up gladiator sandals to welcome the summer.

lace up gladiator sandals summer sale

Summer shoes need to be comfortable, breathable, versatile and cute, of course. May it seems something impossible to achieve, but nowadays it is quite easy to find online the perfect pair of shoes.


Shirts are a classic in this season. Maybe the reason is that they are really fresh and go well with everything. Personally, I prefer wear mens floral t shirts, I think the shape suits better my body and also the patterns are truly cool.

mens floral t shirts summer sale 2020

I really love wear floral shirts in total black looks to break the monochromy. Easy, simple and cool. What more could we ask for!


Sometimes you just need a change, which means (99% of the times) a change in your hairstyle. However, we all know that it is a risky decision to take. The solution? A hair cosplay party wig like this.

hair wigs

Wigs are the best accessory for summer, especially for music festivals and other events. It is really easy to improve a look just with the correct wig. Also, there are plenty of options to choose.


Bella Thorne at Coachella (2016)


The funny thing about creating summer looks is playing with accessories. Besides the wigs already mentioned, there are a huge number of items we can add to our outfits.

Jewelry is always a must. Adding these little things, our outfits will be completed and more defined. Of course, it is not necessary to wear all at the same time, but picking the right piece for every occasion.

In my opinion, drop earrings work very well to level up a look without much effort. Nevertheless, every person is different and perhaps you prefer an ethnic bracelet or a set of golden rings as your favourite accessory for summer. It’s up to you.

Silver Vintage Earrings Magnolia Long Flower Dangle Earrings Ethnic Jewelry for Women

Last but not least, a great accessory for summer is the EDC bag. Having all the items, you carry with you in your pockets, well organized is very useful. Moreover, it is other strategic piece in your looks.

edc bag

Have you fallen in love with any of these trends? I recommend you to check up Newchic and save money taking advantage of its deals and discounts. What are the great advantages of this summer sale activity?

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Also, you must keep in mind the summer sale time:

  • Pre-sale: 6th July – 13th July
  • Crazy Shopping: 13th July – 18th July
  • Thank and Reward: 20th July – 27th July

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy these deals and others that you can easily find on Newchic website.

See you soon

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