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Do you need a distraction from the summer heat? If so, I have great news for you. Newchic, our favourite online shop, celebrates its 6th anniversary. As you can imagine, its birthday party is full of great opportunities to boost your wardrobe. Do you want to refresh yourself with juicy deals? Just keep reading!


The sale time will be structured in three parts. Keep in mind the next dates:

  • ⚡ Pre-sale: Aug 17th – 24th
  • 🛍️ Start: Aug 25th – 28th
  • 💕 Thank and Reward: Aug 29th – Sep 7th


As always, Newchic offers big deals to help you to save money while you’re shopping. What kind of advantages you can expect this time?

  • 💸 Grab free $20 ✓
  • ✈️ Free shipping ✓
  • 🛒 $0.99 flash sale ✓


Finally, my favourite part! Have you considered to try a new style? This anniversary sale gives you a great opportunity to experiment with new trends, colours, textures and materials. It sounds cool, right?

How about a comfy, fresh and bohemian beachy style? You can easily achieve that kind of look with these hot sale products. Check it out!

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Having a relaxed bohemian look is a piece of cake with the correct patchwork midi dress. Everybody wants to dress comfy, especially in summer, when the heat and sweat stands in the way. Loose dresses are perfect to fight high temperatures and continue looking fabulous. Patchwork patterns are very original and, in this case, very cheerful thanks to its vibrant colours.

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Shirts are also a great ally in summer. This linen casual shirt is a must in your wardrobe. Linen is a great material when it comes keeping you fresh. It is the iconic piece of clothing you need to level up the most casual outfits. Also, its colourful print matches with a plenty of different garments.

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Someone said shoes? Who cares about everything else when your feet are dressed with these retro florals pumps! It is not necessary to have a reason in order to purchase shoes. These are so cute, with all the flowers and decorations, that it is okay if you buy them just for looking at them.

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This beach straw handbag is everything you could ask for. I assure you that you won’t have problems carrying your things everywhere. Besides its phenomenal size, the design is simply outstanding. It has a beautiful round shape and Santorini-inspired colours, also straw is one of the top trending materials of the season. Therefore, nothing says more summer than this eye-catching bag.

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Don’t forget to accessorize properly your look! No outfit is really complete without the correct accessories. Besides bags and shoes, go for the jewellery to improve your look. A pair of water drop earrings can make the difference. You will look a 100 % more stylish and cool.

Do you want more? Don’t forget to check the entire catalogue on Newchic’s website. It will surprise you!

That’s all for now, enjoy Newchic’s 6th anniversary sale time!

See you soon

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